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Landon Robert Copus


Born in Mobile, Alabama

20 April 1996

Tracey was born August 9, 1969 in

Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama


Ruben Hamilton Todd


August 1969 (3 weeks old)

and Linda I. V. Vaughn Todd Copus

 August 9, 1985 (16 years old)


Ellis H. ("Red") and I. V. Teal Vaughn


 Chester and Eloise McDowell Todd


Tracey suddenly passed away in the early morning hours of November 11, 2006 at her home in Mobile, Alabama with unborn Baby Boy Darrian.

Her Journey's Just Begun


In January 1996 Tracey legally changed her last

 name to COPUS in honor of her chosen "Dad" 


 Robert L. Copus, Sr.

in Mobile County Court ~ Mobile, Alabama


Tracey graduated from the University of South
 Alabama in Mobile, Alabama in December 1997
with her B.A. Degree,
and then her Master's Degree
  12 May 2003.




To live in the hearts of those we

leave behind is not to die!

This Memory Book has been an

ongoing therapeutic endeavor for me and I

 thank you for allowing me to share this site

 with YOU.

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"Tracey's Page"



Tracey was a very loving and devoted MOM to her son, Landon Robert Copus. He was 10 years old when she passed away. Landon was the true love of her life and her reason for living. She instilled many valuable traits and goals for his present and future education. Tracey left quite a legacy for Landon to follow. He was her life! She was always seeking to learn more and do more. She consistently studied and worked hard for her Master's Degree (MS) at The University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. She achieved many of her personal goals before she was suddenly gone. 

Tracey was very dedicated to her job with United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile, as she worked with newborn babies and children to age three. She left pieces of her heart with many parents coping with the need of parenting skills and guidelines for their babies and toddlers with special needs.

Summer Day Camp ~ Camp Smile

United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile County
 Mobile, Alabama

Please visit their web page:



Now Tracey is suddenly gone, but her love is still in the hearts of her family and friends; as well as her UCP (United Cerebral Palsy) case families.

May The Lord Bless
All Your Moments!

Each soul is a beautiful flower that passes from this

 earth.....only to bloom again in heaven's garden.

Tracey suddenly passed away on
November 11, 2006, in Mobile, Alabama, at the age
of 37; along with her unborn baby boy Darrian. 
The autopsy determined the cause of death to be "dilated cardiomyopathy, associated with pregnancy".

Tracey's family would like to express their appreciation to the following people in Mobile, AL who so freely extended their assistance, friendship, support, and love during a very trying and sad time. It's impossible to name each individual, but know that we were very humbled by the outpouring of your love, warmth, and strength when we needed it the most.

Tracey and Landon were indeed blessed to have so many friends and professional associates who cared for them as shown at the Memorial Service in Mobile, Alabama (sponsored by UCP of Mobile) on
19, 2006.  

  • Staff of United Cerebral Palsy of
  • Mobile County
  • Faculty and Parents of
  • Council Traditional School
  • Families of Tracey's "case babies"
  • Tracey's professional associates
  • Staff of UCP Summer Camp

A special thanks to the Mobile families of
    Cecy Lowell, Tanya Gray,
and Ruth Stephens

Wishing you God's Blessings,

Landon Robert Copus of Ashville, AL
Robert & Linda Copus of Ashville, AL
Lynne Todd & Lori True of Denver, CO

Words alone cannot express our gratitude to our pastor, Marlin Cox, Greensport Baptist Church - Ashville, AL and to the many church members, friends and neighbors who were most supportive and helpful during the time of our loss.



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Family Tree
Tributes and Condolences
Friends Forever   / Connie Partridge Buse (Good Friend )
Tracey was a great friend and person.  It's been a long time but she was and is thought of often.  Love and Friends   Connie
Merry Christmas   / Lynne (sister)
Another holiday is upon us and they don't get any easier without you here.  I'm sure you are up there laughing about your son.  He has been pleading/begging me for the past 2 days to tell him what he is getting  (I wonder where he gets...  Continue >>
Your dear friend Tanya and her three children came from Mobile, AL to visit us on Christmas Eve 2007.  We had a great visit and shared lots of memories.We drove to the cemetery to put some more Christmas flowers on your grave.  Tanya really...  Continue >>
1 year   / Lynne Todd (Sister)
Tracey-It is hard to believe it's been a year since you passed. Sometimes it feels just like yesterday other times it seems like forever ago. We miss you so much. Our hearts still ache.I went to AL a couple of weeks ago.  Landon and I ...  Continue >>
The Gadsden Times Memorial Page for 11-11-2007   / Mom
IN LOVING MEMORY Tracey LeAnne Todd COPUS August 9, 1969 – November 11, 2006 To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. Although it’s been one year since you were suddenly gone, your love is always in our hearts and we...  Continue >>
YOU ARE LOVED  / Robert COPUS (Special "DAD" )    Read >>
November 11th and Veteran's Day  / Mom And Robert COPUS (Parents)    Read >>
Up, Up and Away  / Mom And Robert     Read >>
Things We Take For Granted  / Linda COPUS (MOM)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Tracey's "Little Man" ~ Landon Robert Copus  
Tracey ~ I know you are beaming with pride tonight. Your "little man" is becoming such a grown up person long before his time.

He and his best friend Dakota do a lot of things together. But today (Sunday, March 28, 2010) they proved that God does answer prayers. They both joined the church (Greensport Baptist Church). And Landon has been very instrumental in getting boys his age to attend with him. The class started out with him and one 10 yr old girl three years ago. Now they have enough in the class to participate in a lot more activities.

Sad that he doesn't have you here to take part in his life as you did for his first ten years. But as I have said before, you set the standards high for him. And he is not letting you down. Keep watching for great things from your "little man"  ~  the one who will turn 14 years old on April 20th.

Spring football training starts in a few weeks - he is looking forward to that. Am holding him down to one sport this year in order to leave more time to "learning and studying".

He will be at UCP Camp in Mobile this year for 3-1/2 weeks in late June as a full-fledged volunteer counselor. He first spent five years as a volunteer "helper". He is looking forward to spending time with Cecy, her family, your UCP friends and his Mobile friends again; especially Tanya and her family. He would love to stay full-time in Mobile, AL with Cecy and/or Tanya. He has 10 years of sweet memories in Mobile.

I just knew you would get "paid back" for YOUR "teen-age years"; but ~ guess who is going through that again??? Just keep watching over him ~ he knows you are there. We ALL miss you so very much;  but your purpose in life was over here; God needed you more than we did. All things work in His own time, not ours. As the background music plays ~ "Up There Somewhere" ~ we will be together again; won't it be wonderful?

With lots of love and happy memories ~ MOM
November 2006
Landon, if Mom could talk to you
in person,
she would tell you the following: 


My purpose was finished
if anyone asks why
Celebrate my departure to my
heavenly home 

Please don't weep for me
I'll now be your angel to guard you
from fear
You know my leaving wasn't to
make you cry

Continue God's purpose and know
you're never alone,
my precious "boogie". 

November 2006

Last Night ~ November 24, 2006  

Personal Journal of

Landon Robert Copus

November 24, 2006


Last night I had a dream about
my Mom.
She returned to me as an angel.
We talked, we laughed, we
hugged, and we kissed.
Then I asked  her,
"Will I ever get to see you
again like this"?
She said no.
Then I  asked her would I ever get
to talk to her again and she said
"YES,  just  pray".
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